Ring Sizing

How to get your ring size.

Why do I need to do this?

We take ring size orders in US ring sizes and currently provide sizes 4.5 to 16.

Size 4.5 is for smaller hands, size 16 is for the larger hand. We also make rings in half sizes such as 9.5.

We don't make rings in quarter sizes.

The correct way

The best way to get your ring size is to go to a jewelers and ask them to give you your ring size in US Sizes and ask them to use a wide band gauge.

They will give you a number such as 9 or 10. Tell them you are getting an NFC Ring and that you hope they will stock them soon.

But I don't want to wait to go to a jewelers! Just send me a ring that should fit!

We do recommend going to a jewelers but should you wish to take the DIY approach there are various approaches:

  • Buy a ring size finger gauge such as this plastic UK Finger Sizer Ring Gauge
  • Search online for a free ring size gauge, most countries have a service from a company that provides these free of charge
  • Measure an existing ring using one of the many ring size measurement web services that exist

I just want a ring that should fit!

Well we don't know anything about your hands but if you want to make an informed decision then this graph should help you guess your ring size.

I want to know more about getting a ring to fit

Well, it's surprisingly interesting.. Read John's blog post