We've compiled some of the more frequently asked questions we've had from people when ordering an NFC Ring.

The ring

Q Is the Ring water-proof / water-resistant?

A We have tested our rings in a pressure chamber to an equivalent depth of 50m. You should be fine doing the dishes, taking a shower or going for a swim, however we urge caution with plunging into the Mariana Trench.

Q What type of material are the rings made out of?

A Our metal rings are made from a high quality nickel-free titanium. Our ceramic rings (the coloured rings) are made from a high-quality, scratch resistant advanced ceramic.

Q What is the storage capacity of each inlay in the ring?

A For the Titanium NFC Ring: 144 bytes, 1152 bits of awesomeness.
For the Ceramic NFC Ring: 888 bytes, 7104 bits of awesomeness.

Q What NFC tags are used inside the ring?

A In the Titanium NFC Ring we currently use the NXP NTAG203. In the Ceramic NFC Ring we currently use the NXP NTAG216.

Q I get tiny scratches on the titanium surface, is it easy for me to make my ring look as good as new?

A You can easily buff scratches out with a rag and some t-cut type polish.

Ordering, International Shipping and packaging

Q Do you ship internationally?

AYes we do! 

If you choose a tracked, speedy shipping option - we aim to get your order in the post within a couple of working days, maximum. If you choose the regular (cheaper) shipping option; often, people have found that customs can hold up a package for a number of days. if you decide against tracked, speedy shipping - please be patient and give it at least 21 days for delivery. If you think it’s stuck or lost in the mail, let us know by contacting us.

Q What about duties and fees?

A Due to the complexity of international laws and taxes, we unfortunately can not include any duties or fees in our pricing structure. This means that you are responsible for any extra local fees incurred. If an order is refused, you are responsible for the original shipping expenses, as well as any additional duties, fees, customs or taxes incurred in shipping.

Q Will my order be trackable?

A We do not provide tracking information, unless you specifically choose the tracked shipping option during checkout.

Q What will I get with my ring?

A Your ring comes in a specially designed custom ring box, with a leaflet with some information on how to get started and care for your ring.

Interacting with third party devices

Q What other hardware devices can interact with the ring?

A Raspberry Pi and Arduino both have NFC modules available that work great with the ring.

Q What devices has this been tested on?

A We’ve tested on a number of devices such as the Samsung S3, S4, Nexus - please see our comprehensive listing of community tested devices. Our community over at the NFC Ring Forum are helping each other out by listing their devices. Check it out for further guidance.

Q What can the ring be used with?

A Any compatible NFC enabled device. The possibilities are almost endless.

Q Can I use my ring for contactless payments?

A Check out our payment enabled ring here: McLEAR.

For the regular NFC Ring - maybe, if you create your own method but we don’t provide a mechanism to do this.


Q Which digital door locks work with the ring?

A All door locks with NFC(ISO14443) should work fine. We recommend the Samsung SHS-2421 as a good sub 100$ digital door lock that is easy to fit. Head over to our forum to get more information and discussions about NFC door locks.

Q Will the ring work with my iPhone

A Kind of. iPhone 7 and above, with iOS11+ installed should be able to read the Ceramic rings just fine. They will struggle with the smaller operating range of the Titanium models, so they are not recommended. However, Apple still haven't truly opened up their implementation of NFC, so you are going to be limited to simply reading what is on the ring with these devices and currently not much else.

Q Whats a sweet spot?

A The sweet spot is the place on your device where the ring is read most easily. Often this is right over the NFC antennae. Check this list of sweetspots for your device. If your device is not listed this video will help you find it.

Q My ring isn’t recognized right away. What can I do?

A Try to roll your ring over the sweet spot of your device. It can take a little bit of practice to get used to using one of the Titanium NFC Rings, practice however does make perfect. The new Ceramic NFC Ring is generally much easier to use with more devices, due to the increased operating range.

Q What is the read distance?

A This varies by device and also ring model. For the Titanium rings, the best effect will generally be found within 1-2mm (effectively touching). The Ceramic NFC Ring models have a much larger operating range and can be read anywhere up to around 1-3cm, depending on the reading device.

Q Will this ring work with my phone if I have a case over it?

A A lot depends on the type of phone you have and how thick the exterior casing is. For best results it is recommended using a stick on protector, however some Titanium NFC Ring bearers have found good results with hard cases. With the Ceramic NFC Ring, you will not usually have any issues using your ring through a case, but it does depend on how strong the signal is from your device.

Q There are cheaper versions of this ring, why should I buy a genuine NFC Ring and not a copy?

A We had a conversation with one of the copies on our forum, we feel he explains by himself.


Q Is the NFC Ring unlock app included with the price?

A Yes. However, we are currently no longer maintaining this app. We may change our position on this in the near future.

Q What operating systems are supported?

A We provide a 'NFC Ring Control' app to allow you to program your ring. This is available for Android and iOS. However, for iOS - it is currently not possible to do much more than read what is on the ring, you would need to program it using a different app or hardware. You can also use the ring with Blackberry, Android and there are modules for the Raspberry Pi. Unlock functionality is exclusive to Android.

Q Is there a way to get only access to the NFC Ring unlock app?

A Not yet, however we hope in the future to have a free and open source version of this app available for everyone to use.

Q When will I receive the code to use the NFC Ring Unlock app?

A The activation code is accessible throuh the NFC Ring Control App. Simply Tap Register then follow the on-screen instructions

Q I have trouble with the NFC Ring apps. Where do I get help?

A Visit our forum at

Q Is there an unlock app for Windows Phone 8?

A No, due to limitations of Windows Phone 8 there is currently no such app.

Q Is there an app for iOS?

A We have the NFC Ring Control app available for iOS, but it is currently limited in functionality and mostly limited to reading what is on the ring.

Q Why choose open source and what does it mean for the project?

A A ring should be both personal and community focused, because sharing is a big part of the core functionality we needed a way to easily support third party platforms and empower our community to create their own use cases and inventions, open source allows this.

Q Can I download the apps without going through that dastardly App Store?

A Yes!  Android NFC Ring Control, Android NFC Ring Unlock


Q Can I get a custom artwork/design or inscription/engraving on the ring?

A Currently we don’t support this however it’s part of our roadmap

Q What happens if the ring I ordered does not fit?

A Please read our returns policy

Q You show only US sizes when ordering, how do I convert my ring size to US?

A Check out our nifty conversion chart here.

Q How many rings may I wear?

A As many as you want but we recommend having a gap between each finger so that the rings don’t scratch against each other and to avoid Radio Crosstalk.

Q I love my NFC Ring. How can I get in touch with others?

A We’re glad you like the ring as much as we do. Feel free to join our community on our forum.