Our Journey

We're a team of hackers who believe traditional keys need to be a thing of the past, we also believe that the jewellery industry doesn't serve enough of a function considering the cost of raw materials and the dent it leaves on your pocket.

We built the first NFC Ring to interface with a digital door lock. It quickly became obvious that the same technology could be used to unlock mobile phones and share information.

Check out the video we made for our Kickstarter campaign

The initial ring was designed by McLear Ltd's founder, John McLear who received funding from Matt Mullenweg (the founder of wordpress) then launched the ring to the Kickstarter community who instantly took to the approach, design and implementation - snapping up over 10000 rings within 30 days, putting the NFC Ring at the forefront of the wearable technology market.

The team at McLear Ltd quickly grew and found themselves in an exciting new place with a bright future supporting their community and leading the way in wearable key technology.

John's general approach to projects is to open up as much as possible and allow as many people to leverage the technology so it is not stifled by a lack of competition and by ridiculous patent trolls.

John is also an open source advocate, founder of Primary Technology and the Etherpad Foundation, curry lover and tea drinker.